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Meet short-term needs. Build long-term capability.

Whether launching a new product or expanding into a new market, Flexible Project RPO can help achieve short-term hiring goals while building long-term ...


19-20 Sept 2022 • Dallas, TX

SIA CWS Summit North America 2022

AMS is delighted to sponsor the annual SIA Contingent Workforce Strategies (CWS) Summit in Dallas, TX! CWS Summit is the most dynamic event ...

10 March, 28 April, 23 June, 18 August, 13 October 2022 • Webinar

Webinar series - The DEI Knowledge Exchange

We listen. We talk. We collaborate. We learn. The DEI Knowledge Exchange was built out of the desire to advance the DEI conversation ...


14 June 2022 • Online event

AMS Webinar – Direct Sourcing: How to influence, adopt and execute

At this webinar, we bring you insights and practical considerations for building a customized direct sourcing program that addresses your specific needs. Register ...

10-13 May 2022 • Singapore / Online

HR Tech Festival Asia 2022

AMS was proud to be a Diamond Partner at HR Tech Festival Asia 2022 ...

10-11 May 2022 • London, United Kingdom

SIA CWS Summit Europe 2022

AMS was delighted to sponsor the annual SIA Contingent Workforce Strategies (CWS) Summit Europe, with sessions focussing on the theme, Emerging Strategies for ...

28-29 March 2022 • Arizona, USA

ProcureCon Contingent Staffing

The conference where contingent workforce sourcing leaders connect and inspire. ...

14-16 March 2022 • Online event

HRCoreLAB Summit

AMS was delighted to be a partner of this event and deliver two presentations on 14 March. ...

21-23 February 2022 • Online event

LEAP HR: Life Sciences Europe

LEAP HR: Life Sciences Europe was a meeting for HR leaders navigating the unique challenges associated with attracting and inspiring the biopharma talent ...

16-17 November 2021 • Online event


iCIMS INSPIRE, the virtual conference for talent and tech innovators, returned this year for two amazing days. AMS was delighted to sponsor this ...

20-21 October 2021 • Online event

SIA CWS Symposium On-Line

CWS Symposium On-Line was an online event delivering rich content from the CWS Symposium Live. ...

21 October 2021 • Shanghai

HRflag Thinkers Summit 极思论坛 2021

HRFlag Thinkers Summit was the foremost gathering of management masters and thought leaders in China. The event featured 26 keynote presentations around the ...

19 October 2021 • Online event

Alpha Development Quid Pro Quo Webinar

In this webinar, Jane Clark revealed the real, and often over-looked value that graduate, and other early career development programmes can have for ...

12 October 2021 • Online event

RPOA Annual Virtual Conference

Chip Holmes, AMS Managing Director of Client Services shared the latest strategies and trends shaping the talent acquisition landscape and the broader economy ...

20 – 21 September 2021 • Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Phoenix, AZ

SIA CWS Symposium Live 2021

CWS Symposium Live is a two-day, fast paced, single tracked program, including keynotes, panel discussions, and interactive sessions on the most pressing issues ...

15 September 2021 • Online event

NI Chamber Annual Conference

Helen Houghton and Jo-Ann Feely will be presenting at NI Chamber's Annual Conference on Emerging trends in the talent acquisition space and the ...

24 June 2021 • Online event

Future Talent Global Conference 2021

This immersive digital event explored the themes of how the pandemic has transformed the talent landscape, what skills do we need to thrive, ...

22 – 23 June 2021 • Online event

LEAP Tech Talent

AMS was an expertise partner of the LEAP Tech Talent forum on 22 to 23 June. ...

22 June 2021 • Online forum

Forum for the Future of Education

AMS was proud to support the Forum for the Future of Education event. ...

27 – 28 May 2021 • Online event

HR Tech Fest Connect 2021

AMS was a proud sponsor of HR Tech Fest Connect 2021. The event was specially curated to cut through the noise and to give ...

18 – 19 May 2021 • Online event

LEAP HR Future Energy

AMS was a proud partner of the LEAP HR Future Energy forum on 18 to 19 May. ...

May 2021 • Online event

AMS Webinar - Talent curation: understand and unlock its true value

Curation services are a vital part of any direct sourcing program. But what exactly is talent curation? And why are organizations that ignore ...

April 2021 • Online event

SIA CWS Summit Europe 2021

AMS was delighted to sponsor this premier event and host an interactive panel discussion on 'Seeing the Path to Workforce Dexterity and Unlocking ...

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March 2021 • Online event

AMS Webinar - Tackling the pharma and life sciences talent shortage in APAC

In the face of the global pandemic, competition for talent is fiercer than before. The pharmaceutical and life sciences sector is no exception. ...

March 2021 • Online event

AMS & ProcureCon Contingent Staffing Consultative Workshop

At this consultative workshop, AMS’ experts covered everything you need to know before launching a Branded Direct Sourcing program. ...

March 2021 • Online event

9th HRcoreLAB Summit

AMS was a proud sponsor and presenter at this event. Partnered with our client, Equinor, we explored how did the company manage uncertainty ...

February 2021 • Online event

HRnetworx AMS Webinar – Talent acquisition: The key to workforce dexterity

There is no such thing as “future-proofing” your business. But there is workforce dexterity. Workforce dexterity allows businesses to stay flexible and adaptable. ...

February 2021 • Online event

AMS Webinar - Solving the scarce talent challenge in the pharma and life sciences sector

From large pharmaceuticals to biopharma and medtech firms. Manufacturing to R&D. Everyone is competing for the same, scarce skills ...

February 2021 • Online event

HRnetworx Web Conference - Recruiting & Employer Branding

AMS Presentation: Selecting the right tools for the job: Finding the right TA technologies for your organisation ...

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