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The new AMS: Designing a workforce built for change

The new world of work requires us to think about how people come together in a more holistic way, shifting from headcount to skills count. ...


25 March 2021 • WebEx

AMS Webinar - Tackling the pharma and life sciences talent shortage in APAC

In the face of the global pandemic, competition for talent is fiercer than before. The pharmaceutical and life sciences sector is no exception. ...


9 February 2021 • Online event

HRnetworx Web Conference - Recruiting & Employer Branding

AMS Presentation: Selecting the right tools for the job: Finding the right TA technologies for your organisation ...

24 February 2021 • WebEx

AMS Webinar - Solving the scarce talent challenge in the pharma and life sciences sector

From large pharmaceuticals to biopharma and medtech firms. Manufacturing to R&D. Everyone is competing for the same, scarce skills ...

25 February 2021 • Online event

HRnetworx AMS Webinar – Talent acquisition: The key to workforce dexterity

There is no such thing as “future-proofing” your business. But there is workforce dexterity. Workforce dexterity allows businesses to stay flexible and adaptable. ...

3 – 5 March 2021 • Online event

9th HRcoreLAB Summit

AMS was a proud sponsor and presenter at this event. Partnered with our client, Equinor, we explored how did the company manage uncertainty ...

4 March 2021 • Online event

AMS & ProcureCon Contingent Staffing Consultative Workshop

At this consultative workshop, AMS’ experts covered everything you need to know before launching a Branded Direct Sourcing program. ...

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