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9th HRcoreLAB Summit 2021

Date and Time
  • March 2021

How did Equinor manage uncertainty brought by the pandemic and oil price volatility?

In this session, Equinor and AMS shared a successful case study of RPO partnership that:

Allowed Equinor to thrive by providing flexibility in an ever-changing business world

Brought different perspectives that built competence and quality

Supported innovation in Equinor’s talent acquisition and deployment practices


David Ingleson
Client Director, AMS

Helen Williams
Head of Global Recruitment, Equinor

As head of global recruitment at Equinor, Helen is responsible for the operation of external experienced hiring and internal deployment. Her focus is on developing a cost effective recruitment service that brings diverse, highly skilled people into the business and also enables and inspires the people to take career opportunities internally so Equinor’s 20,000 people can develop and thrive. Prior to leading recruitment, Helen had several business focused and corporate HR roles in Equinor. Before joining Equinor in 2009, Helen was HR Manager for the four Tate Galleries.