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Talent technology is crucial to delivering the workforce and skills that enable business success. But to use these tools effectively, talent teams need to be able to speak fluent talent technology.

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Dive deep into the world of AI and how it will reshape tomorrow's TA industry.

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What do some of the leading lights of talent and tech think about the latest developments in RPO, AI and Skills?

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Artificial Intelligence, ethics and the world of talent

The emergence of AI has the potential to radically transform talent acquisition and retention. From enhanced efficiency and improved candidate matching to smoother application journeys and predictive culture fits, up to 80% of American workplaces are already using AI in some form for employment decision making.

However, the implementation of any new technology comes with potential downsides. The use of AI in talent acquisition poses several ethical challenges, particularly around issues of bias and discrimination. While AI aims to minimize biases, it can actually amplify existing ones if not calibrated and monitored correctly.

In this article, AMS’ Head of Technology & Analytics Advisory, Annie Hammer, and RingCentral Chief Innovation Officer, Kira Makagon, explore the new ethical considerations brought on by the emergence of AI in talent technology, and how TA teams can be prepared for the change.

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Behind the curtain: Hiring in tech

It's clear there is no magic formula for hiring tech roles. But there is a team whose daily schedule involves ongoing research, understanding tech specialties, scanning the market, and staying up to date on the latest changes occurring in tech.  

The AMS specialist Contingent IT & Digital Hub are constantly evolving and learning as fast as the technology advancements we see in the market, to better understand the needs of our clients and candidates. 

Keeping an ear to the ground at all times in this dynamic and changing hiring landscape is a job in itself. As industry leaders are forecasting that skills required will continue to change due to rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence, daily activities around tech hiring need to be forward-thinking and even unconventional, especially in niche arenas.  

In this piece, Lisa McVea, Talent Acquisition IT & Digital Manager (Contingent) at AMS, outlines key considerations for hiring tech roles.

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The current state
of AI in TA

70% of talent leaders use AI – but only 20% use it in the hiring process.

The launch of

AMS cements technology leadership position with launch of AMS One, the RPO Operating System to enable better, faster and fairer hiring.

Navigating the operationalization of AI

New insight from AMS defines three key steps to successfully operationalizing AI.

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Exploding Digital Myths in Talent Acquisition

We live in a world driven by technological transformation. New technologies have touched all industries and businesses. The talent landscape, too, has been propelled into the digital sphere.

As global competition for talent continues to heat up, those who fail to embrace a technology-enabled approach risk finding themselves unable to deliver the workforce they need and achieve their business goals.

But amid an ever evolving and rapidly growing talent technology market, it’s no surprise that industry leaders have found it difficult to adopt, implement and optimize new tools and ways of working.

 Our whitepaper, Exploding Digital Myths in Talent Acquisition, debunks some of the most common misconceptions surrounding talent technology. Split into five myths, the series explores how tech-enabled tools, when implemented and used correctly, can underpin a talent acquisition strategy – and deliver better, faster and more dynamic decisions.