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HR industry expert Jonathan Kestenbaum joins AMS to elevate the role of talent technology in building a differentiated workforce

AMS announces the hire of Jonathan Kestenbaum as Managing Director of Technology Strategy and Partnerships.


New research reveals impact of Covid-19 on global talent acquisition

Covid-19 has altered the talent acquisition landscape as we know it, with hiring activity hit hard; however, the quality of a new hire remains a top priority for the majority (60 percent) of businesses.

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What we can all learn from the 2020 pandemic

The COVID-19 crisis has led to abrupt and seismic changes to how we work. As we move into a new post-pandemic climate, what have we learned – and how could and should those lessons inform talent acquisition in future?

Blogs & Articles

4 Critical considerations for executive search in today’s talent market

Over the previous weeks I have had many conversations with people where it’s become clear that their understanding of executive search is based on long standing assumptions that, in today’s current climate, are no longer true.

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