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Talent Acquisition at a crossroads between true strategic advisory and transactional role, finds new report by AMS and The Josh Bersin Company

AMS and The Josh Bersin Company caution organizations are failing to fully capitalize on the transformative potential of strategic workforce planning.


The new AMS: Designing a workforce built for change

The new world of work requires us to think about how people come together in a more holistic way, shifting from headcount to skills count.


Workforce Dexterity: Business in Motion

In today’s fast-changing world, your people strategy is key to success. But, thriving in an ever-changing business world requires a new perspective.


New research shows why the time is now for total talent

While progress towards Total Talent has been hampered by various factors over the years, a new survey of over 150 global enterprises showed that those organizations with a Total Talent program in place or those considering implementing one within the next two years, outnumbered those with no such plans by a factor of three to one.

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