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HR industry expert Jonathan Kestenbaum joins AMS to elevate the role of talent technology in building a differentiated workforce

AMS announces the hire of Jonathan Kestenbaum as Managing Director of Technology Strategy and Partnerships.

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Building workforce dexterity for the future

With the right technology on our side, and taking a people-centred approach as we go, it’s time to enter the age of dexterity.

Blogs & Articles

Flexibility, simplicity and dexterity: the foundations of success as business moves forward

While there may be the odd glimmer of hope for businesses as some global locations ease parts of the restrictions implemented under lockdown measures, we are still very much in the midst of a scenario the like of which we have never seen before.

Future of work
Blogs & Articles

Post-Pandemic: what’s the next talent battle?

In the pre-pandemic world, companies were scrambling to find candidates who could develop skill sets that aligned with business objectives and rapid innovation.

Future of work

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