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AMS is at the forefront of a technology-driven approach to attracting and securing talent. We've optimized responsible AI and data insights so you can deliver outstanding experiences for candidates and hiring managers.
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5 big questions about modernizing hiring with tech-enabled RPO

As the talent acquisition (TA) landscape continues to fluctuate, effective ways to manage and optimize hiring functions are even more important. Tech-enabled RPO can deliver improved candidate experience with data driven insights which put talent teams in the driving seat.
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Recruitment and RPO Technology
Hourly Hiring

Recruitment and RPO Technology

Deliver better, faster, fairer hiring with AMS One, the next-generation RPO operating system optimized by responsible AI. Flexible, scalable and designed to enhance data insights and reporting, AMS One will transform your hiring experience.

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Hourly Hiring

Hiring speed is your superpower with Hourly by AMS, powered by responsible AI, it provides hiring organizations with live data and insights, reducing time and cost per hire. Hourly by AMS provides an intuitive, seamless experience for hiring managers and candidates.

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How AMS One is transforming

AMS’s global talent solutions are at the forefront of talent innovation by optimizing responsible AI and next-generation tech though AMS One. Watch our video to find out more about how we work.

A Guide to Implementing
Talent Technology

How do you implement the right technology for your business and make it a success? View this step-by-step guide to choosing and implementing new talent technology.

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Case studies

AMS AI tool cuts time-to-hire for Burger King

AMS conversational AI tool reduced Burger King's time-to-hire by 21%, screening and scheduling candidates in under 2 minutes. Implemented in 8 weeks, this solution helped Burger King quickly fill roles and enhance operational agility.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that the search for talent can be complex. View our frequently asked questions section to find out more about any aspect of talent acquisition, talent consulting or digital talent solutions.
What is a tech-enabled RPO?
A tech-enabled RPO, like AMS One, leverages advanced technologies to transform traditional recruitment processes, making them more efficient, flexible, and data-driven. This approach not only enhances the recruitment outcomes but also significantly improves the hiring experience, making it a strategic advantage for companies looking to attract and retain key talent in competitive markets.
How does automation in talent acquisition create a seamless candidate experience?
Automation in talent acquisition can improve the candidate experience streamlining application processes, ensuring fast and personalized communication, and efficiently handling screening and scheduling. Automated tools, assessed by a compliant supplier like AMS, can aim to reduce bias in evaluations, provide real-time updates, and support seamless onboarding, creating a hurdle-free and engaging recruitment journey that attracts and retains top talent.
How does technology improve the recruitment process?
Technology improves recruitment by automating aspects of hiring through data insights, expanding candidate reach, enhancing screening, improving candidate and hiring manager experiences, supporting remote hiring, promoting diversity, and reducing time and costs.
What are the benefits of using technology and automation in talent acquisition?
Technology and automation in talent acquisition improve hiring by automating tasks like screening and scheduling, creating efficiency and reducing costs. They improve candidate experience with fast, personalized multi-channel communication and enhance hiring quality through data-driven insights. Automation handles high application volumes, provides real-time analytics, ensures legal compliance, and broadens reach for diverse talent pools for more effective recruitment.
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