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Talent Acquisition at a crossroads between true strategic advisory and transactional role, finds new report by AMS and The Josh Bersin Company

AMS and The Josh Bersin Company caution organizations are failing to fully capitalize on the transformative potential of strategic workforce planning.

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Why you should care about your candidate experience

It’s something talent acquisition professionals often talk about, but exactly how important is the candidate experience and whose responsibility is it to create a positive one?


Transforming Talent Acquisition for the Future

The global pandemic (COVID19) and the events of 2020 have dramatically changed the landscape of talent acquisition.


Project RPO | Solve Short-Term Hiring Challenges While Creating Long-Term Value

There’s a misperception that RPO is only for long-term, complex talent challenges. We partnered with Aptitude Research, to explore when and why HR and Talent leaders lean into RPO on a project basis.

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