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The Future of Talent Acquisition

How AI is transforming the world of recruitment


AI promises a future where hiring is not only faster and more data informed, but also deeply attuned to the nuances of both the organization and the candidate – all delivered at a scale previously unimaginable. 

Download this whitepaper which explores the multitude of ways that AI will make hiring faster, cheaper and more personalized.

Key Takeaways:

  • AI is a force multiplier that will complement the work of TA and HR professionals and free up their time to solve business problems such as measuring hiring manager satisfaction, focusing on quality of hires, and building better teams. TA and HR leaders must act now to implement their AI strategy or risk falling behind competitors and alienating job candidates.
  • Rapidly advancing Generative AI technologies, a complex regulatory environment, and high development and ongoing maintenance costs make building AI tools in-house impractical for most organizations.
  • Computing power doubles about every 18 months. Generative AI is not at an impressive point in its evolution yet because the recent ground breaking technological advancements are so new. AI presents a transformative opportunity for new ways of working that were previously thought to be impossible. TA and HR leaders who harness the power of AI will play a strategic role in driving success in their organizations.